Sunday, March 18, 2007

That being said...

Alright, I did go out and get slightly wasted tonight. I didn't mean to, it just happened. I met lots of desperately needy men. Men are pathetic, I must say. They need to get control over their desire for sexual gratification. It is the only thing that seems to drive them. Women get made fun of constantly about how we "hook" our men, but at least our aspirations are somewhat noble, in that we are looking for long term life partners. Shame on anyone who isn't.

Quele rats. I could sense, with every sip I took, that different men gauged just how intoxicated I'd become; and they attempted to use it to their advantage. Good thing I'm not 21 anymore, despite what those other drunkards may perceive my age to be.

Yes. I saved my personal indignities for after the party was over and I was safe at home. I made the GRAVE mistake of tearing into the boxes containing both of my wedding dresses. I had one for the ceremony and one for the "scooter ride" to the reception.

I still can't decide which gown is my favorite, but I thankfully I was WAY too inebriated to try on the ceremony gown tonight.

Sad that I just **had** to go out and get completely shitty when I am lonely, depressed, and considering calling up that freaking LOSER to tell him he can come back and I'll take care of him.

Good thing his phone is shut off.

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