Saturday, March 24, 2007

Kitty scare and I hate Taco Bell

The sun was shining all day. The sky was bright and blue, hardly a cloud in it, but the few that lingered looked splendid.

I wish the days lasted longer. I sat on my balcony for an hour this morning, watching the joggers, dog-walkers, and hand-holding cuddlers go by. Even the dogs were enjoying this beautiful day. I didn't see one who frowned. Kitty wasn't in a very good mood, but what else is new.
Last night when I got home from work, I had quite a scare. Usually Kitty is milling around the door, already meowing by the time I step inside. But yesterday I didn't see her. I called for her a little bit, but I had something on my mind. I needed to find the Taco Bell 800 number because I'm good and FED UP with the Taco Bell by my place. I'll explain all about that in a minute.
After I got through with them, I realized that Kitty hadn't shown up at all the whole last half hour I'd been home! I started to panic. I ran all over the place, screaming/crying, "KITTYYYYY, KITTYYYYY" I couldn't find her in any of her usual dark recesses. Finally, I shut up for a split second and heard her. I ran to the closet door and whipped it open. Out she ran in a blur of whitish-greyish thunder. I grabbed her and swooped her up to my face. "Kitty, my baby, my little kitty kitty kitty, don't you ever do that again, poor baby..." she started to bat at my face and tried to bite my hand so I put her down.

I don't know what I'll do when Kitty passes on. She's 15 years old and is starting to look frail.

I can't stand eating out. I hate fast food, but I need to get it when I don't have any food at home and I don't have very much money. Two days ago, I went to Taco Bell drive-thru and ordered a Fiesta Taco Salad with no meat, cheese or sour cream. Pretty much just the shell, beans, lettuce and tomatoes. I know it's a PITA for them to make it. So what. Give me a vegan or vegetarian option and maybe I won't change shit up. Anyway, of course they fucked up the order. No beans. Plus I didn't get a receipt.

Then last night I ordered the EXACT same thing. This time I got a teaspoon full of beans but the damn salad was slopped all over the place, hardly even in the shell. And I didn't get my cup of special sauce. So I called the 800#. Of course, it was the same old crap... "I'm sorry they did not prepare your food properly leaving items out having items in that you did not want we at Taco Bell want our customers to be happy and now at this time I would like to offer you a coupon for a free menu item at your nearest Taco Bell." or something like that. I said, "Well what I really want is for you to make sure you get the manager to quit hiring these little punks who don't care a toot about my order. I want the old people back who were friendly and always got my order right, AND didn't throw the bag at me from two feet above." I hear, "Yes ma'am I have noted here that the staff was rude and threw your bag at you." "And I don't want people like that hired, I want the other people." "Yes ma'am, is there anything else I can do for you thank you for calling Taco Bell this evening have a nice day" click.

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