Friday, March 23, 2007

Stay home on rainy days

Rain is great when you have the day off. You get to sleep in, sink deep into all the fluffy pillows on your bed, and shiver so you'll feel cold; then pull the covers up to your neck in warm reassurance.

But I had to work today. That meant I had to DRAG myself out of bed and shuffle around the house in my bathrobe, reminding myself every 30 seconds that I better get busy. I'd say to myself, "I know, I better get busy!" Then I'd shuffle into another room to pretend that I forgot that I need to get busy.
I took extra long making coffee. I did everything I could think of to waste time. I dreaded taking that shower, because once you do that, there's no going back to bed.

I started a new project in my spare bedroom. I positioned a small table beneath the window and placed a chair next it. Then I put a box full of never-used pilates stuff up against the wall on the table and on top of that I put a plastic tote, which is slightly larger than a shoe box. I figured Kitty would like to get up there and look out the window, smell the fresh air, and perhaps take interest in a bird for once in her life. But of course she thought I was a maniac for doing so. She immediately gave me a nasty sneer, and took a nose-dive straight down from the tote. She landed on her face, recovered that embarrassment, and ran to the bathroom. She thinks that any time she has my attention, she needs to run to the bathroom and jump in the tub. I've been trained, you see, to pretend to turn the faucet on so she can get a drink. The damn thing drips anyway, so there's nothing at work except her OCD. Don't ask me why I enable her. It's all her fault, I guess.

Why didn't I just stay in bed this morning? We hardly ever get rainy days around here.

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