Friday, March 16, 2007

My new-mommied friend is now safe and happy at home with the child and of course the husband. Her latest email apologizes for not updating her baby blog, but she is very tired. She promises pictures and a full birthay recap soon.

I know just what to get new mommies and babies. I've probably given more shower/new baby gifts than anyone I've ever met. Single people with no kids really ought to get a tax break. Firstly, we are required to buy all sorts of freaking gifts for other people when they decide to reproduce. Secondly, we have to pay to educate everyone else's kids, even if the kids don't learn very much and cause problems at school. Of course, then we have to pay for them to spend time in juvenile detention. I look at it as being punished by the system for being responsible.

Anyhow, so here is a short list of gifts I've given in the past, in no special order:
1.Diapers. When I have a baby, I will use cloth diapers, but I don't know one person who actually does. Sad, isn't it? But everybody needs diapers. I always get three different sizes. Most people buy a bunch of newborn diapers. Well, don't do that. It's better to buy larger sizes, because babies GROW and if everyone bought newborn diapers, the parents would be stuck with a bunch of diapers they can't use.

2.A basket full of baby stuff such as wipes, stain remover, onesies from TARGET (soft, decent quality, great price), baby product coupons, etc ad nauseum..

3. Knit something. I have dozens of knitting books from the forties and fifties. I love making layette sets, but a nice, soft blanket is just as nice.

4. Clothes are great, but I like to buy one or two 3-6 months outfit and the rest 18, 24, and 2-T outfits. By the time a baby gets about a year old, people start running out of clothes to put on the kid, but MY gifts are still hanging around, waiting to be worn.

5. Gift Certificates to local restaurants that have delivery or take-out. People often say that delivery is best, but I tend to disagree. I think it gives one of the parents a chance to get out of the house for a few minutes, and it also increases the number of places you can order from. If they live in a small town, you can always call the restaurants directly, sometimes getting it taken care of over the phone. I use the internet for this gift, and I've had great responses. All of the major chain franchise restaurants have online menus. I stay away from Olive Garden because they charge a $4 "shipping" fee, and TGI Friday's is so stupid because they will only send the cards to YOU, and YOU have to send it to them! Screw that. So make sure you do your homework. Another great idea is getting a big bag of groceries delivered. Typically that is only possible in a large city. If you are going to send or get anything delivered, flowers should be the last option, because new parents are all about convenience!

6. Spa basket for the new mom. If you have the money, an in-home massage therapist is good. If you are going to give a GC to a spa, let it just be a certain amount, and don't specify what service will be rendered. Let the new mommy choose.

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