Friday, September 10, 2010

Joaquin Phoenix Channels Spencer Pratt

The critics are having a hard time deciding what to make of I'm Still Here. It has been billed as a documentary, but Phoenix and Affleck are clearly mocking the machine that entertainment has become. Inside, sluice characters like Phoenix's ego-maniacal diva of this film, who resembles not only the typical reality show cast member, shunning attention while pandering to the masses of media reps and the general public alike; he also embodies that which the public finds most entertaining of all- a real train wreck.

Sadly, the joke is still on Phoenix. The real Joaquin Phoenix. The one who lacks the maturity to agree that his job is acting-that's how he makes his money. That's how he pays for the drugs and alcohol that fuel his sophomoric but expensive ideas. Phoenix and Affleck made this movie without enough forethought to realize that it was just a stupid idea in the beginning. The kind of idea that comes along when a few Hollywood types get together for a drink at one of their well-publicized watering holes. Before long, they are bitching about everybody else in the world. Hey, wouldn't it be fun to do a movie about me going off the deep end, shunning acting and trying to make a rap album while boozing it up and whining about fame and the paparazzi? The public is so stupid they'll believe it and we'll all make a bunch of money and then EVERYONE will leave me alone! Or I'll be more famous and I'll get more attention! Fuck, I don't want attention, those fuckers! I want to be alone. Where's my camera crew?

Hey I have an idea. Let's do a documentary about a Hollywood actor who decides to stop acting. Oh darn. That's impossible because if there was a successful actor out there who decided was fed up with cameras ( and there isn't ), he would not be in front of the cameras!

Joaquin. Unless you stick to acting in movies billed as movies, you'll be of interest to us only when you pull your suspiciously SpencerPrattlian stunts.