Sunday, July 29, 2007

understanding social problems

A second ago, I glanced at one of my book cases and of course this old text book, above named, caught my attention. Should I read it again? It's probably outdated and I'm quite sure none of those authors understand my problems.

Problem #1: I am so sick of my job. No longer do I find it fulfilling. In fact, everybody irks me to no end. I find myself making cynical "jokes" that even I don't bother laughing at. I'm not trying to be funny anymore.

Problem #2: Not that I'm desperate for a relationship or anything, but it just occurred to me that my main man happens to be Merriweather Lewis, as characterized by that most romantic of all writers, Stephen Ambrose. Talk about steamy.

Problem #3: I'm also sick of my job because I seem to do nothing but work. How about a vacation? Well, let's see here. I can afford to go maybe thirty miles. In that case, I could make it to one of our friendly local casinos, where I would promptly be relieved of my $20 "spending money." I'd be back to work within a day.

Problem #4: I suspect Merriweather Lewis has some sort of opium addiction, but we'll have to see about that.

Problem #5: FRANK loaned the Merriweather book to me. He thought I'd like it.

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