Thursday, July 12, 2007

Who knew Staples had cute guys?

I must be getting over the divorce. Today at Staples, a guy followed me around for awhile and struck up a conversation in the planners aisle. We chatted politely until he - gasp - asked me if I wanted to have lunch tomorrow!

I know why it all happened. First, I was high on life because my meeting a couple hours prior was such a smashing success, and Hindley (my nemesis) will be extremely disappointed to find out that she is no match for me. One of my pet projects is showing more promise than ever, and it is due to my hard work. AND it is despite what she and a couple others have done to sabotage it. Very immature, I know. In fact, someone stole my planner off my desk last week, but did it have any impact? No way. They don't know I write everything down in my desk planner, type it out in Google Calendar, then print it out at A5 size and pop it into my Franklin. So there, Hindley, take that too.

Anyway, I was probably smiling about all of it, so there's a chance I wasn't projecting myself to be a bitter spinster-type. Plus, I had on my favorite necklace. My lucky necklace. Also, when I sensed the cute guy looking at me, I didn't meet his gaze with a scowl, which I would usually do. I just had good feelings about most of the people there in the store with me. I was upset that I couldn't find the ink cartridge for my stupid printer, and spent forever over there looking for it. I saw Cute Guy walking past the ink aisle a couple times, with seemingly little direction.

After mulling over my choices at the planner section, I noticed Cute Guy stroll casually by. Then he backed up and picked a Dayrunner planner off the shelf. Hm. Leather and Dayrunner, I thought. Wouldn't work out. But Cute Guy replaced the Dayrunner. I continued to compare desk calendars, but Cute Guy just started talking. It was the most natural thing ever. He wasn't acting like a scared little 9th grader; he was confident and very laid-back. The opposite of me. So I thought that was great.

We stood around engrossed in conversation for an absurd amount of time. My phone rang. It was the office. I really did have to go. He suggested we talk more about South Mountain (and how people are trashing it) over lunch! I hesitated, and he said, "Well, at least give me your number?" I asked for his.

I don't know if I'll call him or not. But this is definitely progress for me.

Cute Guy was just my type, too, if I have one. Dark eyes and fair skin. Dark hair, although I don't mind light brown hair. Dressed casually. Don't know what he drives, but I'll bet it's a Jeep. Probably a couple years younger than me.

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