Friday, July 27, 2007

THE NERVE! USA Gas cashier fired after being robbed at gunpoint.

Time to boycott all USA Gas and anything remotely related to Tesoro Corp ( send the a-holes a nasty message here or call them! +1-210-828-8484 ). The most descriptive article I could find is at:


Lodi gas station clerks fired after helping catch robbery suspects

By Layla Bohm
News-Sentinel Staff Writer

Cynthia Lopez, 31, had only been working at the USA Gas station for three weeks — her first foray back into the working world after staying home to raise her three children while her husband worked.

After the robber left, her first thought was to see if she could spot a get-away vehicle. Lopez did see a vehicle, as well as a license plate, which led Lodi police to arrest two convicted felons.

Lopez was shaken, but she went back to work the next day. She was listed as both a victim and a witness in the police report, and she knew she'd probably be called to testify in court at some point.

And then Lopez was fired from her job.

The reason: Her drawer, which was supposed to have no more than $50 in cash in it, was over by $16.

I hope everyone takes a minute to bug the hell out of them.

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