Saturday, July 21, 2007

New DNA evidence discovered in WM3 West Memphis Three case

From Channel K8 Jonesboro,West Memphis, AR - Will Carter Reports July 20
Mother of West Memphis 3 Victim Speaks About New DNA Evidence

"Back before anybody was a suspect in the case or anything, my first thought and theory was Terry Hobb, Tom Moore, and Mark Myers did it," said Pam Hobbs.

When Terry Hobbs was asked if he committed the murders he paused and then replied "I'd have to laugh at that and say there's something wrong with someone who would think that."

"When you watched his response, what did you read on his face when he answered that question," I asked Pam Hobbs. "What are you hiding? Why didn't you laugh if you wanted to. That was my thought when I first saw it," she replied.

Now only time can tell if the DNA evidence will lead to a new trial and a change in a case that's never seemed to completely close.

"It's still in God's hands. It's been there since May 5, 1993. I just continue to pray for the strength to accept what comes out of this," said Pam Hobbs.

With the new report out regarding the WM3 case, I just have to post my favorite clip of the documentary. Found it where else? On YouTube, thanks to mrprwac for posting it.

Byers is more comical than scary to me. I didn't know much of anything about the other stepfather, Terry Hobbs. Hopefully someone will pick the story up and investigate a bit more. But now, I give you the entertainment:

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NewsCat said...

God I thought I was the only one who's been going back to this case since the 90s!

I remember thinking about this case when I was in college...and then about every 3-6 months checking up on the website to see if they were still in jail.

My life kept going on while the three guys were still in prison.