Sunday, May 20, 2007


Ah yes, the only day of the week that was created especially for catching up on celebrity gossip.

I know it's old news that Jessica Simpson was dumped by John Mayer. But I must say, she's better off. Even though they had so much in common and everything ( the male and female epitome of a media-created career, both specimens being devoid of any talent whatsoever...), Simpson needs to find herself someone who won't fight for camera time. Hm. Wonder when JFrancis gets out of the slammer... And Jess, I can't believe I'm saying this but you look better blond.

As for Mayer, he might as well not bother trying to make himself look better. He might get a little bit more respect from the over-25 crowd if he got rid of that silly I'm-an-introspective-artiste hair(un)cut. Come on, John. Nobody actually believes it anyway.

The other little tidbit, which I found featured on Perezhilton, is Brad Pitt's tattoo of Skeletor I mean AJ. Yuck.

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