Thursday, May 3, 2007

In which I find my spot; Truth or Consequences?

Tonight, since I am experiencing more insomnia, I decided to check out and see if I'm still supposed to be moving to a different city. I utilize Find Your Spot. Lo and behold, it's still Truth or Consequences, NM. But I didn't say that I liked the desert. Oh well. You can't have everything. Why didn't it send me somewhere green and beautiful like in Washington or Oregon. Do they have winter there? I don't like winter. Snow, to be more specific.

I remember having to dig my car out every damn day when I lived Up North. It would take 1/2 an hour go warm it up and get all the ice de-crusted from the windows and also clear a path out of the driveway or my crappy little Geo Metro would get stuck. I hated snow. I even hated snowboarding after the novelty wore off and everybody else started doing it. It ceased to be worth freezing one's ass off.

Years ago, I resolved to never live in a place where I'd have to dig my car out, ever again. Well, when I got married, I was a woman in love, so of course I had to move to X's home town, which is in the northeast. So not only is there a bunch of snow, but you can't even go snowboarding if you want to because there aren't any mountains. Waste. Luckily, we had a nice big garage, which my car hardly budged from all winter long because I didn't feel like it deserved to be abused just because I moved to that god-awful town.

Now it's being abused even more in this heat, but that brings me back to my search for a better place to live. I also want to find a place where the men don't hunt and there are at least several vegetarians who are single and straight around.
I'd like to live in a place where nobody has to shave their legs. I'd like to find a place where nobody litters or does that gross hawking a loogie thing at the post office or in line at the store, you know the kind that echoes throughout the whole room, but the person who is doing the hawking appears to not even notice that they are doing it? A place like that. I simply must live somewhere that is cheap, and that I can grow my own vegetables because I'm getting really suspicious of ALL food, what with all of these outbreaks from China and California.

Is there such a place? I'm sure not. First of all, there aren't any straight vegetarian or vegan guys. If there are, it is probably only because their wives are, and that makes them nonexistent to me. If there are any straight vegetarian or vegan SINGLE guys, they are probably looking for someone like me to leech off of. But I have news. MH isn't going to fall for it. I'm stronger than that, NOW. Plus, there are so many more veggie girls out there who are simply dying for a man, I don't want to take any good ones away from a girl who might be able to be content with one of them. I'd probably just be annoyed the rest of my life anyway.

So. Truth or Consequences. What is so great about Truth or Consequences, I ask. Good thing we have google for this very reason. Well, from the looks of things, I don't know if I'd like ToC. I guess I'll have to keep searching.

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