Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Portrait of a Queen

What is with all the bitching today about Annie Leibovitz's portrait of the Queen? It's very nice, and I think it is every bit as dignified as the Queen herself. Would the Queen usually be swinging on a trapeze somewhere blowing fire through a burning ring? Of course not, so why would anyone expect her to have her picture taken doing something stupid like that?

Newsflash: she's a QUEEN. She's SUPPOSED to be stoic. Everybody else gets away with running around topless all over the world because they weren't queens. I think she's done the throne a great service by her life, and I probably won't see a more committed monarch in my lifetime. Annie Leibovitz knows when to push the envelope and when to reign it in. I respect her for that.

I just love matriarchs. I'm the matriarch of my house.

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