Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Graduation gift ideas : AAA membership and the QT experience

It's been an agonizing process, but I have finally decided what to give my dear niece, who is graduating high school this week. Plus she just celebrated a birthday, causing my refrigerator to remain mostly bare for the past couple of weeks. I'm glad that I'll be able to combine her gifts, plus The Duchess (my mother) wants to contribute some, just so she can get her name on the card. She already got Niece a birthday gift: a Paula Abdul bracelet from QVC. So I assured her that she would not have any input on what I decide to get Niece.

First gift is a AAA Premier membership. She drives many miles every day, and soon she will be moving out. I am HOPING she'll go on a road trip or two before she gets herself married and...... sigh.

Second, a $100 gift card to QT ( Quick Trip ), which is only the very highest quality of convenience store with the BEST selection of coffee and other fine beverages and unhealthy food. It's always clean and the staff is friendly. How's THAT for a convenience store? Oh yeah, they sell gas too. Check out their Fountain Drink recipes. I don't drink soda but I know lots of people do.

Third: money. Cold hard cash. I remember VERY well my high school graduation. I still remember how much everyone gave me, and if they didn't give me any money I judged them to be cheapskates. I know better now, but I dare say Niece's personality is too similar to mine for me to delude myself that she'd rather have a gift than money. However much I have left after first heading to the grocery store this Friday is what she'll get.

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