Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Daily musings

It is a beautiful and unusually cool morning here. I went for a nice little run. I keep track of my runs using favoriterun. It's a great tool, except I sometimes wish I didn't track how far I run. I never seem to get very far. People say, "I ran 10 miles today." Huh?? I must be a wimp because 10 miles is just way too far for me. I go for timing anyway. Plus I'm slow, more of a jogger I guess.

But ah, was it nice. My favorite thing about an early morning run is noticing things in my neighborhood that aren't noticed while driving. I live in a historic district, which is unique around here. The homes are all different, which is absolutely unheard of around here. They actually have yards and trees! Shade! Love it. The only cactus is in planters. I love how this neighborhood is relatively safe compared to the rest of the valley. I wouldn't be able to afford to live in a nice neighborhood like this if I weren't renting. I can't stand renting, but I'm content with where I am right now. I don't need to own a house I guess. If I were married I'd probably insist on owning, but these responsibilities are easier to meet when you have a partner. So I'll stick with my nice little apartment in my nice neighborhood for now.

But if I did have my own place, it would need the following: Two bedrooms; two bathrooms; a decently sized kitchen (I refuse to have a galley kitchen); assigned covered parking or even better, a garage; a private "yard" area, even if it's just a patio; walls thick enough that the neighbor's bass won't knock my pictures down and can't be penetrated by a bullet

...does that sound paranoid? Read here. The reporter Scott McGee, is a total riot. He always tries to get right in people's faces to ask very uncomfortable questions. One of the few.

Sigh. Sadly, it's all in a normal day here in the desert. As the weather heats up, we tend to get more violent. Someone ought to do a study because anyone you ask will tell you that people go a bit crazy the hotter it gets. Just yesterday I think, we had a shoot-out at a stop light. Could have been just the same old gang crap but still.

In unrelated news, my brother thinks he's going to win the lotto this week. Well, that's not really news. We had breakfast this morning. We discussed our plans for when he wins. This is serious stuff to my bro, and it requires regular analysis and new strategies based on how much he will be winning. He told me about how he was having a similar conversation with his girlfriend yesterday, and how he corrected her when she said how much would be set aside for family members. "Oh, MH is going to need at least twice that much. She's going on a trip around the world and then she's going to have to get a house, plus a condo by us in PVR." Girlfriend was stunned, according to my bro, but didn't make any arguments, probably because she doesn't really believe he'll win the lotto anyway.

It is probably weird that we are best friends. I think it's a good thing though. I don't interfere with his relationships and he was nothing but supportive of my marriage. We are just supportive of each other all the time.

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