Saturday, June 23, 2007

A movie to avoid during a first date

Or it will be your last date. You know, since we both like The Frames a bit, we thought for SURE this would seal our fate as the newest perfect aging couple who deserved each other or whatever. Sigh. I guess I'm glad it all ended the way it did. I'm too old for romance and all that crap.

That's ok. Tonight I had the pleasure of seeing a vibrant and beautiful film. Once, by John Carney ( for samples of some of the tracks, turn speakers on when you click on the link ). I'm sure people all over have already heard about it. I am a notorious spoiler of endings, so I'll TRY not to do so here.... so just take my word for it, if you like the person, DON'T see this movie with him (or her?)!

It's the closest thing to a musical I've seen in awhile. Unfortunately, there are not enough tracks, included so we hear each tune about 500 times. Why didn't they throw some more songs from The Swell Season or, um, any Frames album? Don't know. Some old folks got up and left the theater. Old codgers. Ignore them, because the movie does progress, and there are some extremely touching moments, also amazing cinematography.

One more disappointment, then I'll shut it. Glen Hansard is WAY too old to be trying to mess around with the young lady. I'm really tired of it. It's just gross. You mean to tell me this is just ACTING? Come on. Where have Marketa's parents been, because she's not acting. Dude. Let the child have a future; she's talented! Your days are numbered and you know it. You have got to be, what, 40 already? She's too young for you, dog.

Me and Carey Grant are soul mates but obviously I am too young for him. And Glen. Marketa is just too young for you, old man. I doubt anybody around you would have the a-hems to tell you that, so I figured I'd help you out. You feelin' me on this one?

I did shed a couple of tears..... oh, forget it, I'll shut up so I don't spoil it.

Back to my first date. So after the credits started to roll and my date, still yet unnamed, gave me the "you ready to go?" stare, I realized that there would probably never be a good date movie for us. Everyone has their "signs" I guess. I'm new to the dating scene again, but MUCH WISER this time around. In a split second, as yet unnamed date was letting out a huge sigh - slash- cough, I knew I wouldn't be able to put up with that for the next 40 years. My friend. You can "forget" to open the door for me. I'm a modern woman, I GUESS. You can even get the medium sized popcorn. I'm not a popcorn hog. But please. Don't EVEN sigh all over me and let out one of your fakey unaffected coughs. It was just sick. So that's why I didn't even consider allowing you the impression that we'd be seeing Knocked Up next week. I didn't want to see that movie anyway. I'll be busy, I'm pretty sure.

My favorite ballad from the movie:

Lyrics here

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UltraCrepidarian said...

Well, that was a nice song. Like it.
Thanks for posting the video.