Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dream of X being pathetic

In this new dream, I'm a completely different MH. This time, I am finally making a living wage. I can finally afford a condo in one of those (finally) refurbished downtown buildings. The elegant tower was accurately named The Metropolitan decades ago. In my dream. I feel like The Metropolitan and I have a lot in common.

I glide triumphantly through the large glass doors as the bell hop guy stares. I let him know exactly who I am, feeling like Mary Tyler Moore. He makes a phone call, mentioning that he has never heard of "Mental Hygiene" before. Nobody ever heard of me, he says to me. He reminds me of my old Jr high school secretary, who would keep the phone cradled between her ear and her massive shoulder while it rang at my mom's desk and I prayed that she wouldn't answer....

I assure the pseudoinvestigator that there must be some mistake. I rifle through my purse for a key even though I know I don't have one. My realtor had left a voice mail announcing his intent to leave the key at the concierge. I explain to that I just want to check with her over "there," and I will remove myself from the premises if she does not have my key.

Luckily, it is at the desk. Sherlock immediately becomes the bell hop guy again, and apologizes profusely. No longer a trespasser, I pointedly ignore him as I call for someone to show me how to get up to my brand new condo. "Right away, Ms. Hygiene," I hear as I authoritatively scan the poor sops seated on the marble benches directly in front of this majestic castle. Through the smoky glass, I recognize something in the face of one of those vagrants, but I can't seem to make it out entirely. I creep closer and realize, just as the vagrant in question meets my gaze, that it is X!

WTF is he doing there? Of course it could only be one thing. He just can't leave me the hell alone. I storm out the doors and over to his bench. I demand to know why in the world he would be sitting outside of MY house. He replies with some surprise. He did not know it was my building.
He met a girl at the coffee shop a couple days earlier and they had spent hours talking about "everything." She really seemed to understand him. She had mentioned that she lived here, and he was trying to see if he could meet her again.

I ask X how long he has been sitting around, stalking this poor girl. Probably MUCH fatter than me, although probably has a nicer nose and short hair, I decide. "Two days," he says. Of course. He would much rather sit and do nothing than look for a JOB. He looks like complete shit, too. Doesn't even care if he scares her with his unshaven jowls and dirty pants. Typical. Eh, maybe she likes that type. I must have at one point, right? He mumbles that he has been kicked out of his friend's house and he has nowhere to go. He thought for sure things "clicked" between himself and this girl, but he just hasn't seen her since they met.

I am torn. On one hand, I feel sorry for X and want to help him. On the other hand, he disgusts me. Same old crap! Never living in reality. He speaks up. "I think she works at the hospital. She's a doctor or something." I glare at him dead in the eye and squawk, "She's a doctor and she spent hours talking to you. Did you lie to her about your employment history?" He grins. "Well, yeah, but I thought that once she got to know me, it wouldn't matter. Besides, she makes enough for the both of us. So you live here, huh? Don't you want to show me your new place?"

I know exactly what he is trying to pull with that one, but I am too sick of him to bother with any expertly aimed insults. I tell him that I am just leaving, and I'll give him a ride to the hospital to look for his doctor.

It is winter. Icy and bitterly cold. It is getting dark. I drop him off at the emergency room and wish him the best of luck.

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