Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lazy morning

This morning I woke up, brewed some coffee, and ate my morningstar sausage sandwich while listening to NPR and perusing my day planner. Oddly, the day planner has nothing down for me to do today.

I spent a few minutes thinking of things to do. Among my ideas were:

Get appointment with a therapist like my boss told me to do
Go on a nice run (it's only about 100 degrees out there at 6:30 AM)
Look for a different car so I can stay in debt for another five years
Clean apartment

Clearly, there are plenty of things to do. But what did I do instead after all of this coffee and thought? I plopped right down here in front of the computer to check TMZ and make sure they still have that crazy criminal safely locked up.

Then of course, I had to check out all of my other favorite sites. Here I sit, an HOUR later. I feel like I'm playing hooky from jr high. I feel like I'm getting away with something, but that something is not worth it.

If I had any money at all, I'd do my laundry. Or I'd run over to the nearest coffee shop for some sweet pastry thing. That would make me feel SO PRODUCTIVE.

My boss took my work calendar from me the other day, saying, "You can have it back after your days off." I was forced to take a few days off, why I don't know. How am I supposed to get any work done if I have days off? I'm losing precious time. I don't have any motivation to do anything now that there is no work to do.

Yesterday, I had several errands to run. Everywhere, there were darling houses and condos for sale. I wished that I had a down payment. I drove past beautiful homes with neatly manicured lawns. How do these people afford these houses? It occurred to me that it's probably because it's a married couple, both working. Two incomes make it much easier to save for a house.

I can't think of anything I would like more than a house of my OWN, so if I want to bring a dog home I can. So if I want to have friends over for a Brandy Alexander in my back yard, I can. If I want to have my nieces and nephews over to play dodge ball I can. If I want to choose between linoleum, pergo bamboo or wood, I can.

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