Saturday, April 28, 2007

Take back the....

I am a woman, and as such, I have been mistreated, demeaned, used, objectified and discriminated against. I fully support any efforts to make the world an easier place to live as a woman. But please, let's not stop after we get finished typing out our posts. We must speak with our dollars and use our time wisely. We must not be afraid to stand up for ourselves or to challenge something that perpetuates the myths about women that some find entertaining and ego-boosting.

I refuse to spend my hard earned money on any type of media that is demeaning to women.
I refuse to sit by quietly when I hear a woman being demeaned in my presence.
I am not afraid to confront those who attempt to demean me as a woman.

I recognize that I deserve to be content, to create, to speak, and to enjoy others. And, as humility is to me the greatest gift, I refuse to allow anyone to rob me of it.

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