Wednesday, April 25, 2007

In which MH goes nose to nose with rich uncle sam

I lost the last round. Next I will have figured out a way **not** to get cheated on my taxes. Everybody I know uses WAY more public resources than I ever use, but they still get truckloads of cash back, and within a week they've upgraded to the NEW Hummer. So happy for them, whatever.

I need to pay this off because there is too much of my dad's crazy nervous paranoia
in me, and soon I'll be telling everybody that if the IRS storms the house and takes me to IRS prison, somebody better take care of Kitty!

So all night I've been digging around boxes, rooting around closets. Finally found some stuff to get rid of. I'm not sure if I want to do eBay because the whole shipping thing screws over either the buyer or the seller. Oh well, I'm still thinking about that. My sister wants one of my Kramer sets. It's a beautiful pink rhinestone with netted gold tone. It comes with a choker, a bracelet and two earrings. I loaned it to her when she got married, and then I never saw it again. Then I had to make a trip "up north" for a funeral, and my eyes slingshot out of my head when I unexpectedly spotted the 60 yr old jewelry.... wrapped around the stick shift of her truck. The woman said, 'Whaaaaaat, they're fiiiiine MH, don't act like I don't know how to take care of shit." I know she can take care of her stuff. All of her jewelry is in a big huge jewelry box IN HER HOUSE. Mine.... I'm sick just thinking about it. I heroically saved my jewelry, but soon noticed that one of the precious pink gemstones were missing. Bitch!!!!!!!

I took the set home and looked for an extra one somewhere. No luck. Then when I was going through everything, I contemplated parting with the set. The value is less, true, since there isn't a pink rhinestone in the necklace. It's probably under the seat of my sister's truck. But I know my sis likes it, and wanted me to just let her keep it that day I went psycho MH on her. So I called her up. We struck a deal, and now I'll be able to pay uncle sam off, and she'll get her wedding jewelry back (even thought it's missing a rhinestone), and she has promised to keep it all in the jewelry box.

Plus I have a few other little odds and ends to get rid of. Hopefully I won't have to have anymore nightmares about MC Rove.

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