Monday, April 23, 2007

Hindley's atrocities cause me to consider The No Asshole Rule

As previously claimed, I do like my work.

Unfortunately, of course no office is perfect, right? There has been a small debate buzzing around the office for the past several months. It concerns a single co-worker ( known here as Hindley ) who is sometimes so overcome with hostility towards yours truly, that she plans and executes the most ridiculously complicated schemes meant to sabotage my subsistence. They never work, because it's the same old racket: Hindley notifies the boss that I have done something wrong. Word gets round to me within a few days, and by that time the investigation into my wrongdoing is over.

After a full year of these irksome indictments, I have never once been approached by my boss with regards to such. This is because I never do anything wrong. I might make mistakes now and then, but like any good girl, I simply admit it and move on. I am fiercely loyal to my boss, and would clean toilets if she asked me to. Yes, I am a good employee, but I am not alone in my willingness to serve. Everyone who works for her likes her. Well, Hindley was around before our boss, and found her position and style decidedly cramped when the boss arrived....

The debate is this: Should I make a complaint about Hindley? Thus far, I have consistently resisted acknowledging my antagonist's misdeeds. I reason that there are A-holes in every job, and if it weren't Hindley, it would probably be someone else. My concerned peers disagree en mass. They contend that ignoring the biatch has not worked, and she will not stop until someone stops her.

Today, after I check my miserable bank account, I might look for this book: The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn't by Robert I. Sutton. See reviews here at Amazon.

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