Friday, April 20, 2007

Alec Baldwin got a good spanx -ing this week

It seems so redundant to write about the VT tragedy, but my thoughts have been with everyone who was impacted by it. Every day I come in contact with people who are mentally ill, and many of them are violent. Sometimes all it takes is the right medication and therapy. But it's that one in a billion opportunity of illness, environment and inattention on the part of others, and this is what we get. There is constant debate in my business about how a person like this guy should be treated. He didn't commit any crimes up to that point, so people probably assumed that he was just weird. But many people ignored their intuition because you know why? Warning others or confronting the individual about their anti-social thoughts and behaviors based on intuition gets you nowhere. That's the problem.

On to other dangerous people who have grabbed my attention...

Alec Baldwin has got to be the biggest A-hole ever. I have vowed to see what happens if I try not to swear, so this commentary will most likely be shorter than it would otherwise be. Where does that %$&^er get off talking to his child like that? Kim Bassinger is probably so sick and tired of his (^*$ing mouth and his low blows in the media that she did the one thing that she knows will get him to behave- leaked the EVIDENCE of his anger problem. Good job, Kim. Don't let that A-hole call your kid a rotten pig. Talk about a bully. Now he's acting like KB is the villain because she allowed the rest of the world to hear what she probably has to listen to constantly. Poooooor Baldwin. Man, Alec! Why didn't you "straighten" that B(^*$ out when you were married and had the chance? Guess your rants aren't as effective as you'd like.

Since I don't want to have nightmares about AB, I must briefly switch gears before signing off. My brother and I have breakfast at least once every week. We meet at 4:15 am at one of the very few restaurants around here who stay open 24 hours. Our favorite place is a well-known chain that I usually avoid. But this particular facility is new and clean. God Bless the USA, they knocked the old one down and had a new one built in mere weeks. There is a nice young man who works there and always prepares our breakfast perfectly. He is obviously a hard worker, and I have been wondering what in the world he's doing working there graveyard shift. I thought good-looking people never had to work at s*%( jobs, but I guess I was wrong. Not only is he good looking, but he is also articulate, funny, and polite. What the heck??? I should probably email the corporate office about what fine employees they hire at that branch, just in case they give bonuses or whatever.

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