Sunday, September 2, 2007

Old FSA Housing in Chandler. Gone.

Yet another piece of history, vanished. Arizona Part-Time Farms / Chandler Farms
Some background:
The "Dust Bowl Storms" of the thirties produced thousands of migrant workers from the Great Plains who headed west in search of seasonal jobs. Arizona's cotton farming industry was beginning to boom so there were a few Farm Security Administration housing sites built. I found pictures of some of them and really liked the ones from Chandler. They had unique qualities. The design of the windows and the placement of the buildings encouraged air ventilation. Windows would open on both sides of the building, creating a nice breeze. If there was a breeze, that is. Also, and most importantly to me, these buildings were made of Adobe! How many Adobe buildings have YOU seen? Yeah, that's what I thought. American history. Knocked down for no reason at all. It's probably an ostrich farm now.

WHY do we always tear neat stuff down in Arizona? They don't keep the cool old buildings, OH NO, not when you can replace them with crappy strip malls and parking lots. I was hoping that they had turned them into condos! Look at this kitchen! Exactly what I want, right there. Oh well. It's probably a Dairy Queen or something now.

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