Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yes, he really is that stupid.

And I married him. I've never been characterized as particularly brilliant ( unless it was said in jest ) either, but at least I didn't make the following ghastly mistake:

X accidentally sent me an email. It wasn't meant for me, but since he clearly forgot to delete my email address from his contact list under his pet name for me, it did in fact reach my inbox. It seems that I am not the only woman in X's life with PetName. He has managed to find another who shares all of my special qualities that made me so very lovely at first. He probably doesn't even realize that he's made such a blunder and I'll be damned if I'm going to say anything! This is good stuff and makes me feel ever so full of pride that I had the sense finally to rid myself of him.

I particularly enjoyed the content. He apologized for being such an "idiot" the other night. According to the email, there was a certain conversation after they "had sex," in which the NEW PetName mentioned that X was number 14. In men. Number 17 in humans. It seems that X's reaction to that information was less than positive. As I have mentioned before, we were both virgins when we were married. As far as I'm concerned, we are both still sexually uneducated. X is obviously working hard to learn something, which of course is a relief. I always thought I knew more than he did, but never said so. Anyhow, he must have acted like a judgmental asshole about NewPetName having more experience than he did. And this email was supposed to be some sort of apology, filled with excuses. He has low self-esteem. He wonders if she compares him to "all the other guys." He knows that she is the "sweetest" person and would never do that, but again. He has a low self-esteem.

I hate to say I TOLD him so, but I DID. I told him right before he left that I had a little bit of advice for him in case he is ever again lucky enough to attract the attention of some poor dumb young lady: Don't act like such an asshole. Don't act like she's not good enough for you. Low self esteem my ass.

But ooooooh no. He has to go and screw it up RIGHT after someone is kind enough to sleep with him. I have considered giving him a call or replying to the mistake, but I know I'd only lecture him on how I TOLD him BEFORE what he should do.... but of course he didn't listen. Which is another one of his defects.... and on and on.

But I don't want to. I don't care enough to bother. It was good to see that email. It is a reminder of what a fake he was before we got married. Give me a break with that low self-esteem crap, buddy. He acted the exact same way to me until I got sick of it. A woman does not want to be apologized to, she just wants her man to be nice in the first place!

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NewsCat said...

fascinating. I admire your restraint in not gloating.