Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's Yours

I know only a handful of people take a minute each day to check out my uneventful life. And I thank you. And I do wonder about you and your lives.

But, on to the newest development in my quest for something.

I received a call from the escrow or title person this morning. "I didn't see ______ paper, explaining _____ so I need you to sign and fax back to me. Don't worry, everything is recorded."

Recorded? That must mean it is official.

Congratulations. That's what the title lady said. "I could see you being on one of those HGTV shows. It would be the perfect house. They take $500 and do the most amazing things."

I need much more than $500, that's for sure.

Seller called me several times this morning. I'll tell you all about her later. But she is the neatest lady. Leaving some stuff for me like the lawn mower and some tools and some quilting fabric. Seller is the cutest little old lady EVER. She is super talented. She has been in a garden club for 60 YEARS and she is leaving all of her bulbs to ME! I told my aunt. She is coming down to make sure I know what to do with them.

She called me three times today. First, to thank me for the card. I brought one to the closing thinking she woud be there, but gave it to the title lady when I found out Seller was at home. Titlelady gave the card to her. Seller is finally getting excited to move into her new apartment, where she will probably have a dishwasher and lots of friends. She doesn't need that lawnmower, and wanted me to know that I don't need to get one. She is the sweetest. In my note to her, I said that if she ever wanted to come back to the house, she just needs to let me know. I'll come and pick her up! Because she is the cutest little old lady in the world. What do we think of when we think of an old lady? We think of someone who gardens, quilts, cans, sews, crochets and bakes, right? Right.

Well, Seller is all that and more. I truly respect her as a woman. She raised her children and took care of her husband. She maintained that house until her kids forced her out. And you know what? I'm going to invite her right back in.

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