Friday, October 26, 2007

Getting ready for the big move

I guess I was wrong, we aren't closing until next week. Sigh.

But I've been busy sorting. Yesterday I loaded up the car with items and donated them to the ASPCA Thrift Store.

It felt wonderful to get rid of some of this crap I've been hanging on to for no good reason. Mostly clothes I know I'll never wear again, due to my advanced age and decreased motivation to get off my buns. At long last, I liberated myself of those damn wedding dresses that have stubbornly held some quixotic sentimentality lurking in the depths of my psyche. But the new MH, pragmatic in all thoughts and behaviors, took one look at the big old box yesterday and heaved it right into the trunk of my little economy car. And dragging it in to the thrift shop was nothing more than a task checked off my list of things to get done.

I welcome more days like yesterday.

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