Thursday, January 31, 2008

Edward and Me

The guy who lived and died in my house was everything I am not. He was a WWII Captain in the Army. He was a Boy Scout leader. He was an engineer. He had interests in woodworking, rock collecting and everything that had to do with the outdoors. He took meticulous care of everything he owned. Why can't I be more like him?

I found a bunch of his old papers. I had asked the son what they wanted me to do if I found anything I thought they would want. He replied in an arrogant tone, "I'm sure we got everything we need, you won't find anything interesting." Oh, okay, I guess you don't want your dad's college degree, army discharge papers, pretty much everything personal to him like his fishing and goldmine hunting records, not to mention a to-the-penny run-down of all the money he's ever loaned you (with copies of cashier's checks AND a yes or no on whether or not you ever paid him back. Bet that came out of your inheritance).... A-hole. Anyways there were a bunch of pictures of Edward, so I took a big frame and created an Edward mural.

My brother said, "Christ, what are you doing are you crazy?" I said yeah. But I want to pay homage to the man who built my house and took care of it so I can live here. This house is in better shape in many ways than any 5-yr old house in Queen Creek, I guarantee it. "You need a man," my brother said. I said yeah.

I spent all day yesterday and today cleaning out the workshop and it's still nowhere near being finished. I realized that I like tooling around there. I wish I had more tools. Too bad everybody and their cousin went in there and stole all of them out from under me. I don't think Edward approves.

The reason I have to clean this place up a little bit is because my aunt and her beau are coming for a visit! How exciting! I just can't wait to break out my old list of guest room must-haves. But first I need to clean out the workshop. And get a couch. And get the heater to work, unless the weather warms up within a couple weeks. That would save me some money which I do not have.

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