Friday, August 27, 2010

settling in yet again....

Poor Kitty. She is tired of old MH schlepping her around from one home to the next. She was promised that she would never have to move again, but alas, the torture was continued.

I moved Kitty and Minchie to my cute little apt, and less than a month later, Up North. This required them to endure a drive of one full day.

My abusive instincts notwithstanding, I raced Up North as fast as my POS would go. I started my new job the day after arriving. Since then, there has been nonstop activity. Heracles' house needs work, and we seem to be highly skilled demolishers but not so good at improving the place. We walk on sub-floor right now. If you didn't know us, you would suspect that we share a pretty serious meth habit.

Truth be told, our problems include: long working hours, too much stuff (my stuff), not enough room in the ONE room that is ready to live in, out of the 15 rooms inside. There are mouse/cockroach/whatever droppings in every crevice and corner. Hairy black spiders jumping out from every unseen hiding place. A yard that just keeps on growing weeds. Did I mention long working hours? We work all the time. We come home and spend the two hours before bedtime complaining about the beastly nature of our barn-like existence, do nothing much about it, wake up in the morning to begin a frenzy of looking for lost items and complaining about the house, and forget about it all at work.

Our disagreements are usually associated with plans or pre-plans of improvements. Maybe we would rather fight about flooring than install flooring. Of course, I understand that our "problems" are really of our own making and that really helps me keep my life in perspective.

I have a job that I REALLY like, although I make significantly less money. I enjoy living with Heracles and so does Minch. Kitty finally came around too. She likes having bathroom sinks to demand to be lifted up to.

The elderly neighbors are scandalized by my presence, but what can I do? I can't ask Heracles to marry me, so I will continue to be a dumb bitch for the time being.

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