Tuesday, July 14, 2009

There is no such thing as a plural apostrophe

I am looking for a stove. It will be used rather than new. People like me don't pay retail or even wholesale for high-dollar items. Craigslist is the perfect place for poor people like me, with one exception: the majority of people trying to sell their items cannot spell! The worst offense is the use of the apostrophe....


Ember Linen Curtains - Pottery Barn - $99

Boxer/Cane Corso Marstiff puppy (love this one. You can breed them but you can't spell them.)

2 tv's, leather loveseat and bed for sale!

Chaina - $55 Incluses Serving bowls, meat plate, gravy bowls. Askins 65.00

Armouir Italian Circa 1900's - $1500

White Rod Iron Queen Bed and Frame



Anonymous said...

When you bring this up among PhD's, do you often hear a chorus of no's? I imagine that they would politely mind their p's and q's..

Apostrophe's (hehe, jk) can be used for plural words. It probably varies based on the style guide that you adhere to, but I believe Chicago recommends the above forms.

I know what you mean, they are overused, but perhaps you can see where ad-folks are coming from when they use it. For example, say they are selling Toshiba computers: they would want to draw attention to the brand name, so Toshiba's rather than Toshibas. I realize you probably see the former and think "Toshiba's what?" but most people don't, and that's really what matters in advertising.

I could also argue that apostrophes are overused as possessives (its versus it's), but that looks like (it's) a losing battle as far as the public is concerned.

mental hygiene said...

I see where you are coming from, but I am disappointed in these trends, such as your example of the Toshiba / Toshiba's / Toshibas. It makes people think they can use an apostrophe when they are talking about a pair of Santa's.